Hey, I'm Raizah!

I’m a Portrait Photographer based in Monterey Bay. Photography has been one of my loves since I was a little girl. I would borrow the family camera, a Canon point and shoot, and take pictures of EVERYTHING. In high school, I was the kind of friend that was constantly snapping candids of others. Although they were camera shy at the time, my friends now tell me that they’re grateful I captured an abundance of memories. 

When I graduated college, I decided to live a minimalistic, nomadic lifestyle and moved myself and all of my belongings into a 13 ft camper named Gypsy. My beloved and I traveled intending to volunteer on various organic farms and communities. For two years, my life was a perpetual road trip. Organic gardening, sustainability, community, meditation, shamanic work, creating art, fetching water from rivers and reconnecting to nature were my day to day activities. We volunteered in 13+ communities and visited 20+ National Parks and with so much scenic beauty, my love for photography was sparked once more.

Through my travels, I have embodied creative expression and freedom that is unparalleled to the past "me" that was living small and in fear. My goal is to inspire you to simply be your most authentic self, and with that, let’s create magick!

Photo by Daniela Muñoz